Anthropometer3DNET : automatic 3D body composition from CT scanners

Dedicated to research, Anthropometer3DNET allows the automatic 3D measurement of body composition from CT scanners

SimpleDose :
Lu177-PSMA dose absorbed by the organs

Dedicated to research, SimpleDose allows the visualization and quantification of the absorbed dose from CT and SPECT scanners



The Anthropometer3DNET project, which aims to provide partner researchers with a tool for automatic and three-dimensional measurement of body composition from CT scanners, has obtained European regional development funding (ERDF)

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Data flow

The data flow
realized in 6 steps

The Oncometer3D platform aims to quickly provide automatic analysis results from anonymized images before sending


SimpleDose steps

SimpleDose aims to quickly provide qualitative and quantitative results from anonymized images before sending

Medical imaging


Publications related to software development

Muscle and lung cancer

Mallet R, Sci Rep, 2021

Sarcopenia and esophageal cancer

Mallet R, Radiat Oncol, 2020

Subcutaneous fat and immunotherapy

Popinat G, Oncoimmunology, 2019

Anthropometer3D development

Decazes P, J Digit Imaging, 2019

Visceral fat segmentation

Decazes P, J Comput Assist Tomogr, 2018

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Opening The entire team is delighted to announce the launch of the Oncometer3D...

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The Henri Becquerel Center is a cancer center belonging to the Unicancer federation. It ensures prevention, research, teaching and care missions.

Oncometer3D‘s objective is to provide scientific partners with a web platform for automatic analysis of medical images by artificial intelligence to accelerate research.